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Beyond the “Glam” of CAD/CAM

Workflows matter in one of the most important investment decisions of your career. - BY BEST PRACTICE

Will 2020 be the year you invest in CAD/CAM technology? Only you, the dentist and practice decision maker,
can answer a question that involves much more than the “glam” of state-of-the-art technology and an accompanying high price tag. Of course, ROI is at the heart of this decision, but so is your own readiness to rethink your workflows – and potentially incorporate some new ones.

If you’re a general dentist, CAD/CAM can have a transformative effect on your practice. You stand to benefit from a great return by keeping more procedures in-house, without having to refer patients to third parties. Alternatively, you can approach CAD/CAM as an “à la carte” option and select specific technologies that fit your needs. For instance, you can take a digital impression in-office, but send it instantly to a lab for fabrication.

Do more and do it better

HOW CBCT CAN Give your practice the advantage - BY BEST PRACTICE

“I’m not ready to make that kind of an investment.” It’s a common sentiment among practitioners, especially when it comes to more expensive digital technologies, such as a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system. Instead of taking the leap, they figure, they’ll revisit the idea down the road. However, more and more practices are finding it worthwhile to take the risk sooner rather than later when it comes to CBCT technology. Why? Because the return on investment goes beyond money, productivity or even the ability to provide more comprehensive services – it enhances a clinician’s ability to provide the best possible patient care...

Know your Numbers

By Best Practice

When it comes to plants, not everyone has a green thumb. Growth depends on a host of factors, some in the gardener’s control and some not. Some days, it can feel like your practice is the same way – not everything is in your hands. Good news! You already have the seeds for growth, even if they’re buried deep in your practice data. And with the right tools, you can create the perfect conditions for your business to flourish.

Two software solutions – Dental Intelligence and Solutionreach (both now compatible with Eaglesoft) – can help give you the time and insight you need to take your practice to the next level.

Amplify your ROI with Laser Dentistry


2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the first dental laser. However, only about 20 percent of dental practices use lasers today. With all-tissue dental lasers like Convergent Dental’s Solea, it’s time to consider the value this technology can bring to your practice.

Tech Timid to Tech Master


How one dentist faced his own ROI fears and embraced technology to transform his practice. Visit the website of Dr. Bryan Laskin’s practice, Lake Minnetonka Dental in Wayzata, MN, and you quickly get the sense that this is a practice that’s committed to advanced dental technologies. The practice reduces the need to go elsewhere for specialty care, transforming smiles with CEREC same-day dentistry, dental implants and Invisalign custom aligners.

KPIs of Digital Dentistry


Knowing that change is inevitable, learn what 3 key performance indicators drive success in the dental profession globally, and even more importantly, in your practice. Join David Rice, DDS, as he shares insight into how you can improve the value of your practice by integrating new digital technology…

8-Ways to Practice Comfort


When new patients visit your practice for the first time, they come with a unique set of experiences that may or may not include feeling comfortable with doctors and hygienists. But there are ways to design your office so your patients stay relaxed and calm throughout their visit, ensuring they become a patient for life...

5-Ways to boost your patients’ experience


Every practice strives to “wow” their patients during appointments in an effort to keep them coming back through the door. But the path to a great patient experience isn’t always an obvious one. To be truly efficient, it takes a combination of best practices centered around communication, technology, and front office organization…

ROI’s Hidden Impact


Return on investment (ROI) is a multifaceted concept, especially when it comes to evaluating efficiency. It’s not just about money. Moving into the world of digital workflow requires determining your purchases’ long-term profitability and justifying initial costs. Technology may seem very expensive, but the cost is constantly going down as it becomes more sophisticated, is easier to develop and manufacture, and is more widely used.

Learn with your team


Fuel your team by learning together. Grab a quick read and see why more and more teams are taking the time to attend educational events together…