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A-dec Angles of Access - In-Office CE - Scheduled upon Request

Performed by A-dec Territory Managers, Roy Fried and Scott Belz. Together, they represent more than 30 years of local experience in assessing dental office needs and helping customers understand the importance of good equipment maintenance and good dental team health. This in-office program is offered at no charge as a courtesy of A-dec. Roy and Scott are also credentialed CEAS, Certified Ergonomic Specialists. 


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Access to the oral cavity is particularly challenging because it is small and narrow, and limits the field of vision for the dental team. This encourages you to work in awkward, inflexible position to facilitate a better visual working area. Prolonged endurance of static postures may result in musculoskeletal disorders such as chronic lower back pain, tension neck syndrome, joint issues, spinal disk degeneration, and ultimately a career ending injury.  

This course is open for Doctors, Assistants, and Hygienists and is conducted chairside. Dental professionals will practice utilizing a specialized manikin head and their equipment to reinforce optimal habits for their health and safety, as well as the comfort of their patients. The course is supported by a leave-behind desktop or mobile application that will assist in changing learned habits and behavior inside the dental practice.