Who are we?


Well, we’re the wizners

You betcha, a father-son duo of dental territory representatives from Patterson Dental.  Todd (the old guy) has been a TR since 1986 for Patterson.  Ben (the young guy, and obviously better looking) transitioned to Patterson in the spring of 2018 and is bridging the gap between generations through new inspirations and cutting edge concepts, never losing sight of who we are, where we're from and the company we represent.

We created this digital space for our customers to bring them fresh insight from the territory and the dental industry, including hot technology, product highlights, inspiring events and of course, a little bit of fun.  And just because you were wondering, it's pronounced "wise"guys...


2019 Territory Goals

Family and friends are priority #1

Take care of the customer - always

Work as a team

Out plan, out execute, out hustle

Have fun - every day matters

Fun facts about the Wiz Guys

Get to know the guys in a whole new light...

- We're also known as the dove chocolate guys

- Ben's first job was custom detailing dentists cars
in the summer during his high school years

- Both have won a national title in college athletics
(Todd - Hockey - 1984, Ben - Track & Field - 2009)


Beyond our days in dental

Both of the Wiz Guys love the outdoors.  Ben is a competitive cyclist and nordic skier that trains year round.  Todd also enjoys these sports along with some hunting and fishing when time allows.  Beyond athletic pursuits, a frequent escape is to the family cabin in Northern Minnesota.