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We are thrilled to welcome Pete Sandager aka Patterson Pete to the La Crosse area to service our customers at a whole new level of convenience! Pete joins us locally, but is not new to Patterson Dental, coming from the legendary Fargo, ND branch.

Learn a bit more about Pete in our service video highlight below and let’s just say when you want prompt and professional service, you know who to call, 608-636-0373. You can also email Pete at!


Workflows matter in one of the most important investment decisions of your career.

Beyond the “Glam” of CAD/CAM

Will 2020 be the year you invest in CAD/CAM technology? Only you, the dentist and practice decision maker, can answer a question that involves much more than the “glam” of state-of-the-art technology and an accompanying high price tag. Of course, ROI is at the heart of this decision, but so is your own readiness to rethink your workflows – and potentially incorporate some new ones.

If you’re a general dentist, CAD/CAM can have a transformative effect on your practice. You stand to benefit from a great return by keeping more procedures in-house, without having to refer patients to third parties. Alternatively, you can approach CAD/CAM as an “a la carte” option and select specific technologies that fit your needs. For instance, you can take a digital impression in-office, but send it instantly to a lab for fabrication…


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We do dental different

We are Patterson blue to the core.   The foundation of our territories and how we approach each and every practice are built on the four key principles below.  We're inspired by our customers and watching them excel is without a doubt, the most rewarding part of the job.



There is nothing that matters more than the relationship we develop with our customers.  Some are very close and develop quickly, while others take more time to come to fruition.  We have always felt that the organically grown relationships are among the best.  Built on trust, time and consistency, they are strong and mutually beneficial.  These relationships last for years, often through entire careers, and are among the most rewarding in life.



The dental market can be confusing.  There are a zillion products and everybody is competing for your attention.  We feel that offices where technology has been “pieced” together, too often, results in frustration and disappointment. When we work closely with our customers, it allows us the opportunity to guide their decisions, and come up with the best solution for their situation.  Ultimately ending in a more seamless integration.  



Take care of the customer --- always.  It is with that defining statement that we strive to create a best-in-class service experience so good, that it fosters unwavering trust and loyalty.  The entire Patterson Dental team, from the sales rep, to service tech and everyone in between, is committed to a top-notch experience for our customers.  We want to be your first choice and it is our pleasure to serve you today, tomorrow and into the future.



Value is the key.  We are laser-focused on bringing our customers the most bang for their buck.  The combination of personal service, quality products, customer support and competitive pricing is what makes our world go around.  It is our intention to plant our flag in that soil.  We strive to be your channel partner in the industry.  Your success is our goal. Consider us a staff member that works for you, but is paid by Patterson.